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Have you recently noticed a sharp decline in your search engine ranking? If so, you may be experiencing the results of partnering with a less-than-reputable SEO agency that has used outlawed tactics instead of accepted practices to gain fast results in the Google search rank. SEOTuners employs affordable and effective SEO penalty recovery services that can help you recover from your loss of online presence.

It can be extremely difficult to make sense out of the algorithm Google has recently implemented. For business owners who are not familiar with the common language used by SEO websites, it can seem impossible to understand what has happened and how to fix the problem. A sudden and significant loss of search engine rank can best understood in the following way:

Google has released an algorithm, which is a powerful tool that they use to identify the websites that are meeting the needs of their customers effectively; further, they are interested in the manner by which a website has connected with their visitors. Based on these two factors, Google will either reward or penalize a website’s ranking.

This algorithm is mysterious in nature, however, experts agree on several points in determining what Google is looking for when it is assessing a website. Although it is not easy to figure out which aspects weigh greater in the decision to reward or penalize, it is typically understood that white hat practices, or hard work employed by your SEO team, serve to improve your ranking. Short-cuts and quick-fix tactics may cause your site to rise in ranking very quickly, but will eventually be found out by the algorithm and cause your site to tank in the rankings.

Not every SEO agency can employ successful SEO Penalty Recovery for your website. It takes an extremely knowledgeable team to undo the work of another agency. SEOTuners has proven results, with an over 90% success rate in penalty recovery with the Penguin algorithm and 100% success rate with Manual Actions.

While other agencies might well understand the work that needs to be done to effectively combat Google’s penalty, not all of them have what it takes to deliver proven results that will positively impact your website. SEOTuners is knowledgeable, reliable and brings more than 25 years of experience to the table.

Google’s Penguin algorithm is often looked upon with disdain by business owners who have taken a hit in their search engine ranking, however it is smart to look at the situation through the eyes of Google. They want honest businesses to succeed in the marketplace, and are working toward ensuring only trustworthy practices get rewarded in the marketplace. In essence, they are protecting the future market from being taken over by dishonest SEO websites.

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