Search Engine Optimization Columbus Oh

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Search Engine Optimization Columbus Oh

There isn’t a better way to become visible on the internet than appearing on the front page of a Google search. Since many keywords are incredibly competitive, you will probably need to hire a company that specializes in search engine optimization in Columbus OH. With our services, you can climb the search ranks without risking being penalized by Google.

Does my business need local SEO?

Depending on the size of your city and the local demand for your business, it can be worth the time or effort in a local SEO strategy. As high local visibility means more customers, bigger cities will be quite expensive to try to get ranked.

What you need to take into consideration that the vast majority of smartphone users will be using their phones to find information about local businesses. This means that your website will both need to be optimized for mobile platforms and for Google’s algorithm.

Your biggest goal for search engine optimization in Columbus OH will be the 3-pack on Google. This is where Google condenses the target keyword down to 3 businesses in plain view for the user. As many people are wired to click on the first result, this will be critical for obtaining organic traffic.

When utilizing your website, you will also want to make sure to make your contact information visible for both web crawlers and users. This includes your address, phone number and other business information proving your location. It would also be a good idea to embed review links from Yelp and other such websites.

It must also be understood that location-based searches will determine the local results that come up. Google’s algorithm will find relevant businesses that have have been proved to be within the location of the search parameters. This is why a physical location on Google My Business, your website, and other directories need to be updated with the current address.

Does Guest Posting Really Help With SEO?

Guest posting is a tricky area of off-page SEO as Google is trying to catch up with black hat marketers trying to abuse the system. It is definitely a viable strategy if you avoid making posts on link farms, buy posts or use computer-generated content get easy backlinks.

Methods of obtaining legitimate guest post links may include sending emails to blog owners with high-quality articles, creating contributor accounts on sites where it’s available or by paying an SEO company to do outreach for you. You should never feel entitled to a backlink on someone’s website so it requires a great deal of social engineering.

Posting a guest post on a high-authority website like Forbes would definitely be better than posting on an article directory that has been abused by spammers. In some cases, it is better to not build links at all if you cannot get high-authority links.

If your company isn’t utilizing SEO, your business may be left in the dust in the near future. As people become more dependent on their cellphones to find information, even well-established businesses will have to fight for their position in the digital world. If you need help establishing a presence on Google, send us an email for a consultation.

Search Engine Optimization Columbus Oh