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To succeed online, your business has to surpass competitors offering similar services or products. Part of making your business stand out entails having a Bay Area web design that will appeal to your target market in their organic searches. An impressive website will increase traffic to your website and consequently conversions.

At Salazar Design, we know that your website represents your business 24/7. That’s why you can depend on us to deliver an excellent web design that gives a great first impression to attract the right audience and win sales.

Best Web Design Practices We Use for Our Clients

Below are some of our practices proven to work when providing San Jose web design services:

  • Simple Navigation

Most people have hectic schedules. This is one of the reasons consumers now prefer to shop online. At the same time, customers shopping online want to find the information they’re searching for easily. If they don’t get what they need fast, they won’t hesitate to look elsewhere. Plus, there’s cutthroat competition online.

So, if your website doesn’t fulfill the demands of visitors, they’ll leave and go to your rivals. That’s why as a top search engine optimization company in Bay Area, we’re keen on making sure we design a website that’s intuitive and simple to navigate. This makes your site user-friendly and appealing to visitors. It also ensures it’s pretty easy for visitors to locate the information, services, or goods they’re searching for.

  • Fast Site Speed

As one of the unbeaten web design agencies in San Jose, we know the importance of site speed.  It’s responsible for user satisfaction, bounce rate, and ultimately your revenue. For this reason, site speed is a priority for us when designing websites.

  • Responsive Design

Over half of websites globally are accessed through smartphones. Further, numbers say mobile users have surpassed desktop internet traffic. So, to ensure our clients don’t miss out on business opportunities, we build San Jose websites with responsive designs. This means the sites work seamlessly across multiple devices. The aim of a responsive design is to ensure your target market has the same great experience accessing your website on any device.

Impactful CTA

The number one purpose of a majority of websites is to convert visitors into paying customers. For that to happen, you need to employ proven tactics to get your prospects to take action. The action could be purchasing your products or enlisting your services. This is where a CTA (Call-To-Action) comes in.

As one of the unsurpassed website design companies in the Bay Area, we strategically place clear, big, and bold CTA’s throughout your website to grab the attention of your visitors and direct them to take the next step.

Web Design that Delivers Results

At Salazar Design, we offer unbeaten Bay Area web design services to give businesses a competitive advantage. Utilizing the latest trends and technologies, you can be certain we’ll deliver an impactful website that gets you in front of the audience searching for your services or products. Our expertise in SEO will further help your site rise in the search results, regardless of the size of your business. Take a brief moment to view our portfolio: Contact us by phone to speak with a representative and request a free consultation: 669-290-5566.

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