About Seekways

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Seekways was founded by Michael Fischer who has effectively been creating, managing and producing results from online ventures since 2000. Since that time frame, there have been numerous changes on how to successfully market your business online. Seekways stays updated with the latest marketing innovations and strategies to use with your business.

The main focus for Seekways is Local Business Marketing.  We are registered as a Limited Liability Company in the state of Tennessee.  We focus on providing more targeted traffic and visitors to your small or medium sized local business. Whether you need local marketing assistance or local search map inclusion and optimization, Seekways can help you increase your company’s visibility and boost customer traffic.

We take the time to understand your business needs and help you maximize search engine ranking. Our team will research and review your business market and develops a strategy that will result in success.

What services are provided by Seekways?

Pertaining to businesses trying to attain a greater, much more locally-targeted audience, Seekways is the trustworthy resource regarding knowledge of online advertising. We are able to help you begin a successful existence on the web using a variety of advanced search engine marketing techniques. All techniques used by Seekways are white-hat methods, meaning our marketing practices are ethical, legal and accepted by search engines for the long term. Our advanced keyword and competition research allows us to find areas that will increase your rankings over your competitors in the search engines.

Your ongoing monthly investment allow us to continue to prioritize our build strategy process around your website to ensure your higher rankings remain in place.

Our primary focus is website marketing (SEO, Local Maps Optimization, Reputation Management to help with social signals and Paid Advertising management).

How can Seekways help your local business?

We are going to help you in developing your current brand name and increasing your website presence. We’re going to commit each of our full attempts in building a good quality campaign for your business.  Some campaigns, depending on the niche and competition, may more time than others.  We do not guarantee overnight results with organic search engine marketing (this takes time) however we can show you our focus results in specific marketing progress for your campaigns.

As your customer base and revenue grow, the same is true for the value of our campaigns, and we know you’ll see increases with our campaign strategies. We will work hard to earn your business and assist you in acquiring new customers and ultimately getting more sales and profits.

Can Seekways help small businesses or those that work from home?

Seekways is a leading online marketing source for small business, work from home, start up entrepreneurs – you name it… anyone that needs the competitive edge to compete.

Seekways will assist small businesses in adding more revenue to your bottom line with creative, effective marketing techniques. We will help home based business owners succeed with budget-friendly website solutions. We will help entrepreneurs grow and scale their business.

In summary, Seekways will help your business. With an increase in website rankings, you’ll gain more visitors. More visitors equals more opportunities to increase sales for your products or services!

What other services does Seekways provide?

While marketing your website is our primary focus, we can help you build an online presence. From domain registration, email setup, website setup, website design and development, to lead generation, call tracking, and split-testing marketing ideas so you know which advertising methods work – then you double those marketing efforts and watch the increase in your profitability. If you need help with an hosting, autoresponders, SEO, payment processing options, traffic analysis – we have you covered.

Who can benefit from using Seekways?

Any small business looking for a marketing edge will benefit from our local marketing services. Seekways was developed for small business owners, entrepreneurs and online marketers.

When it comes to internet marketing, there are a lot of various kinds of software applications, training, blog sites, and so on that it is difficult to understand which ones are the best solutions. Seekways is also an online directory providing quality product and services that will help individuals in starting and assist in growing their online business.

We love what we do. Contact us to get started.

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