Why Wait To Grow Your Business? Get Started Today!

Here’s our process on getting you more customers every month!

1. After you have expressed interest, we will contact you via phone and ask some questions pertaining to your business.

2. We will take your feedback and start evaluating the best marketing strategy for your business.

3. Once the information has been researched and documented, we will share the plan with you.

4. If you agree to the plan, we will collect the set-up fee and monthly payment and begin working the marketing plan that same day.

5. At the end of each week, we will send you a report detailing what has been completed, along with search engine results.

6. We will setup a bi-weekly call to review your results and make any changes to your plan.

Many small businesses struggle to budget advertising campaigns and include a strong marketing presence, particularly when they must make investments in other areas of their business.  Seekways understands from a small business perspective the need to balance marketing with other important aspects to grow the business. We have very competitive pricing compared to other search engine marketing companies because we want your small business to be bigger business.  By earning your business, and providing proven results, our business will grow along side yours!