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Bing vs Google Challenge

Many of you know that Google has been the dominate search engine for some time, and in recent years, despite being used 61% of the time, Google has seen a decline in search market share. Bing came out with a unique marketing campaign, to show side by side search engine results of Google and Bing. Many people couldn’t believe the results they favored were from Bing! They even took their test to Google, KS, a.k.a. Topeka, KS and the results were amazing.

Try the test yourself if you haven’t already: Bing It On.

Now, what we wanted to do was look at how we could conquer Bing with local results for Seekways. We wanted to focus on particular keywords that focused on our business.

Bing challenge

Bing challenge

As of 7/16/13, we held 1,037 top 10 spots in Bing. Out of those results, 65.3% were listed in the top 3 results. Out of the top 3, 57.5% were listed at the #1 spot. Overall, 37.6% of all keywords held the #1 position. Feel free to download the list to verify in the Bing search engine.

Keep in mind that search results can fluctuate from time to time… we do not own the search engines and do not control their algorithms. 🙂 The main focus is to continue to market your business over the long term and not look for fast, overnight results.

As you can see, we can increase our search visibility. In many cases, we are outperforming against biggest marketing companies. We enjoy the challenge of marketing locally through search, and using social media to help gain more awareness for your business. We love what we do!

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More case studies coming soon.